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Breast Cancer Pillow Project

My Mom, Kay, was diagnosed with Paget's in 2006.

Right before Christmas of 2006, my mom had surgery for her Paget's and was given a couple of square pillows  made by volunteers as she left the hospital.  She always said they were worth their weight in gold.  That experience was the inspiration for this project.


Many times, part of the treatment for breast cancer is to remove lymph nodes.  The surgical site is underneath the arm, in the armpit.  The pillows keep the weight of the arm off of the surgical site, providing comfort.  Also, with radiation, underneath the arm can become really raw.


Initially I tried a couple of designs, but eventually reworked a travel neck pillow. This design hooks under the arm gently and allow for some movement, rather than having to hold a square or rectangular pillow in place.  So far, I have sewn all the pillows out of fabric from either my or my mom’s stash.  I recently received a donation of PolyFil and am going through it quickly.  


I will send a pillow to anyone along with a note from the person who requested it for just the cost of shipping; I don’t charge for the pillow.  Cheaper than a bouquet of flowers and gives tangible benefits.  


NOTE: These pillows have also been used during recovery from sunburn and tattooing. 


Would you like to be a part of this project?

Donations that would be helpful are: PolyFil, 100% cotton fabric (used for quilting; NOT home decor, flannel or fleece), or cash :)

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